Christen Starnes – Labor Trafficking- Million Dollar House

She bought a Million dollar house only by recruiting contracts for Wells Fargo

Christen Starnes of Apex Systems actively bribed Wells Fargo managers and sold them to immigrants for H1B visas and Green Cards.

All of her contracts are Sham, it is just to help Wells Fargo managers that their Team working and spending the budget accordingly.

Christen Starnes will take 40 – 50% of commission of the main contract and give it to subcontractors and provides immigration letters as High Skilled workers

Wells Fargo Managers will get commission for giving contracts to Christen Starnes, with that confidence Christen Starnes will submit profiles to the managers only agreed to their payment as there is no work in her contracts, just to move the money out.

Easy Money.

They even have preferred employment agencies Compunnel for doing illegal Sponsorship through Apex Systems.

Wells Fargo wealth profits fall on lower asset-based fees

Wells Fargo’s wealth business fell short of its earnings a year ago in the second quarter, as lower market valuations weighed down its fee revenue. 

The Wall Street bank’s Wealth and Investment Management division profits fell 19% year over year. The unit’s revenue also fell 2% over the past 12 months while its noninterest expenses ticked up 2% in that same period. Rival megabank JPMorgan Chase, by contrast, boasted double-digit profit and revenue gains in its wealth businesses on Friday — partially helped by its May 1 purchase of former regional bank First Republic

I have spent 15 years working at Wells Fargo because I enjoy helping my customers, but Wells Fargo has made my job harder and harder.

This is the best example of discrimination in Wells Fargo management.

if you read the article Wells Fargo Customer care agents don’t get paid properly , but software services for Customer care is provided by Apex Systems.

They pay premium money to Software services in the name of high skill, but the work they do is very basic.

Even an intern can do that.

Robin Sharpe corrupt manager who took money from Apex Systems and opened fake contracts works also in the same department.

Wells Fargo Staffers Claim Anti-Latino Bias in Predatory Lending Scheme

Wells Fargo & Co. was sued by current and former members of its bilingual mortgage sales team who claim the company discriminated against both them and its Hispanic customers in a predatory lending scheme.

The complaint was filed Friday in federal court in San Antonio as a proposed class action on behalf of more than 20 Spanish-speaking mortgage sales consultants “of Hispanic ethnicity or from Mexico or other Central and South American countries.” 

Wells Fargo directed its bilingual team to steer customers away from products with no closing costs toward “predatory lending options” without disclosing the costs, in part by refusing to provide Spanish-language written materials, according to the complaint.

Customers sometimes call into the bilingual team months after closing a refinance cash out, surprised to discover they have been charged substantial closing costs,” according to the complaint. “Nevertheless, management instructs the bilingual team, ‘Don’t mention cash out.’”

Police officer Terrell Marshall false report for Wells Fargo and it’s Vendors

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are working for Wells Fargo interests, officer Terrell Marshall wrote a false report to cover the names of the people.

If my previous articles were read, it can be seen that I got intimidated that Wells Fargo has Local law enforcement and Federal internal connections —This is the best example.

Terrell Marshall took 10 days to write a sham report, what he did was he bought the time for Wells Fargo and it’s vendors to come up with a counter plan.

He lied to me the process of complaining on police officer misconduct. He lied to me everything. He didn’t let me press charges on the people who are harassing me for Wells Fargo because he has a kickback relationship with them

He delivered all the information to Wells Fargo management and they actively covered it up. Particularly to Apex Systems, He shared the recorded video with Apex Systems ( One of the Vendor of Wells Fargo).
Apex Systems, Christen Economos Starnes is directly involved in internal Police Connections and some officers in CMPD is actively involved in bribing practices with Wells Fargo.

Charlotte Mecklenburg police are working for Wells Fargo and its vendors to cover up their criminal activities.

Wells Fargo management/ employees/ Contractor’s and it’s vendors are immune to criminal activities from Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

Instead of protecting people, CMPD encouraged Domestic Violence activities and ignored it because they have a Conflict of Interest.

CMPD Rule: All are equal before the law except whom they have personal interest on

Charles W. Scharf – Characterless CEO

Wells Fargo CEO, Charles W. Scharf is a pure characterless rascal, he makes a living by selling H1B Visas and Green Cards.

He is making a living by selling opportunities to immigrants whoever did illegal things for him.

He is a pure incompetent rascal!!!!!

Through this fraud work only he became CEO as Wells Fargo is a pure fraud company!!!!


WASHINGTON, D.C.— Dennis M. Kelleher, President and CEO of Better Markets, released the following statement on the upcoming 5thanniversary on February 2, 2023 of the Federal Reserve imposing a cap on Wells Fargo’s asset growth:

“It is now obvious that giant Wall Street banks like Wells Fargo are not only too-big-to-fail and too-big-to-manage, but also too-big-to-regulate.  The credibility of banking regulators is at stake after five years of an unprecedented asset capand multiple ongoing failures resulting in serious, repeated violations of law and abuse of customers by Wells Fargo.  Thus far, (1) the bank has paid almost $10 billion in customer restitution and fines, (2) two CEOs and numerous senior executives have been fired, (3) numerous members of the Board of Directors have been removed, (4) the Federal Reserve (Fed) imposed an asset cap and related orders, (5) the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) imposed a mortgage servicing cap, and (6) numerous other penalties and actions have been imposed by regulators.  But all have failed to bring Wells Fargo into compliance, and it is now beyond dispute that the financial regulators’ actions have been insufficient.

Wells Fargo bankers tell East Bay customer they’re too busy to stop wire scam

The federal government is warning about imposter scams taking billions of dollars from consumers. Those scammers pose as your banker, retailer, utility company — anyone you trust — in order to get at your money.

It just happened to an East Bay school teacher as the school year was winding down. A Wells Fargo imposter swindled her out of $20,000 — a huge loss — and worse, she says her real bank didn’t try to stop it.

Ann Booras still feels the sting of the scam. “Complete and utter panic,” she said. “I had tears running down my face, I was literally shaking.”